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RtAudio::RtAudio ( int  outputDevice,
int  outputChannels,
int  inputDevice,
int  inputChannels,
RtAudioFormat  format,
int  sampleRate,
int *  bufferSize,
int  numberOfBuffers,
RtAudioApi  api = UNSPECIFIED 

A constructor which can be used to open a stream during instantiation.

The specified output and/or input device identifiers correspond to those enumerated via the getDeviceInfo() method. If device = 0, the default or first available devices meeting the given parameters is selected. If an output or input channel value is zero, the corresponding device value is ignored. When a stream is successfully opened, its identifier is returned via the "streamId" pointer. An RtError can be thrown if no devices are found for the given parameters, if a memory allocation error occurs, or if a driver error occurs.

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Definition at line 101 of file RtAudio.cpp.

  initialize( api );

  try {
    rtapi_->openStream( outputDevice, outputChannels,
                        inputDevice, inputChannels,
                        format, sampleRate,
                        bufferSize, numberOfBuffers );
  catch (RtError &exception) {
    // Deallocate the RtApi instance.
    delete rtapi_;
    throw exception;

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