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RtAudio::RtAudio ( int  outputDevice,
int  outputChannels,
int  inputDevice,
int  inputChannels,
RtAudioFormat  format,
int  sampleRate,
int *  bufferSize,
int *  numberOfBuffers,
RtAudioApi  api = UNSPECIFIED 

An overloaded constructor which opens a stream and also returns numberOfBuffers parameter via pointer argument.

See the previous constructor call for details. This overloaded version differs only in that it takes a pointer argument for the numberOfBuffers parameter and returns the value used by the audio device (which may be different from that requested). Note that the numberofBuffers parameter is not used with the Linux Jack, Macintosh CoreAudio, and Windows ASIO APIs.

Definition at line 121 of file RtAudio.cpp.

  initialize( api );

  try {
    rtapi_->openStream( outputDevice, outputChannels,
                        inputDevice, inputChannels,
                        format, sampleRate,
                        bufferSize, numberOfBuffers );
  catch (RtError &exception) {
    // Deallocate the RtApi instance.
    delete rtapi_;
    throw exception;

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